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voice governor of Phnom Penh on the opening of the
art/ culture/ communication center META HOUSE
19th of January 2007

Your Excellency Pius Fisher,
German Ambassador to the Kingdom of Cambodia,
Excellencies, national and international guests...

Today, on behalf of Phnom Penh governor, I have a great pleasure to participate in the official opening of the art, cultural, and communication center META HOUSE in Phnom Penh – under patronage of the German Embassy in the Kingdom of Cambodia. This is the first phase of the “Intercity” international exhibition project, in which more than 100 well-known artists from Cambodia and other 15 countries participate - to exchange their views on city life, full of art and culture, from new Asia to the old Europe. This is also an exchange of art and culture between the two capitals Phnom Penh (Kingdom of Cambodia) and Berlin (Germany).

I would like to take this great opportunity to give my deepest thanks to H.E. the German ambassador and the Berlin Mayor for creating this Cambodia-German Art and Cultural Centre in Phnom Penh with the purpose of strengthening the cooperation and friendship between Cambodia and Germany.

Your Excellency, Lok Chum Teav, Mr. and Madame! An exchange of art and culture is part of Cambodian tradition for building friendship and cooperation with other nations around the world. Recently, the Royal government of Cambodia; under the intelligent leadership of Prime Minister Samdach Hun Sen, have cooperated with the Republic of Korea to organize an International Cultural Exhibition Angkor-Kyongyu in Siem Reap successfully. Through Angkor-Kyongyu exhibition, Cambodians and Koreans as well as people in the world understand the value of prosperous art and culture of individual nation which is a bridge of peace culture for the stronger continuous solidarity of all people in the world.

Once again, on behalf of Phnom Penh governor, civil servants, and Phnom Penh residents, I would like to give my deepest thanks to the German embassy for giving support to create META HOUSE, the art and cultural centre in Phnom Penh capital. This achievement will bring Cambodians and Germans more closely together.

Finally I would give my best wishes o H.E., Mr., Madame, national and international guests especially with the five Buddha wishes: longevity, healthy, happiness, strength, and intelligence. Thank you.