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Leang Seckon "My Shadow"
Oil painting with mixed media 90 x 70 cm
Cambodia/ Born 1974

I want to speak out about the Khmer Rouge period. During this time Pol Pot made people follow him through his strong ideologies. Since then people worldwide know that he was very successful in this regard. But in the end he did not succeed. He failed.

Today people who followed his ideas feel that they were wrong, but they don’t want their story to be told, to admit that they were killers. On the outside they are very cool. Pol Pot was afraid of his own shadow, as it was more threatening than the other people who knew him.

People do wrong things. Most importantly, they know within themselves what they have done. What will they say about what they did? Sometimes they speak straight, sometimes they don’t, but all of this is a form of design and artful speaking. Sometimes they try to play with words. Should we allow them to play with the words for security or not? How does that affect the future?

For me, the painting is about the fruit, which is infested with insects. The mirror will show the person inside.