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Piteak "About Pol Pot"
Oil painting 100 x 120 cm
Cambodia/ Born 1967

My painting is about Pol Pot who graduated from a Paris university and joined the Indochinese Communist Party, which then consisted of Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. Certain foreign parties had long wanted to remove King Sihanouk from the Indochinese Communist Party as his clan had lasted many generations. Interested foreign parties promoted Comrade Pol Pot to be the leader of the Kampuchea Communist Party. In the joint agreement made by King Sihanouk and Ho Chi Minh the two agreed to give back a particular piece of territory of lower Khmer to the Cambodian government. Vietnam did not comply with this agreement, so Pol Pot was against Vietnam. Pol Pot grew fearful of his own shadow and started to get rid of his comrades who had been trained in Vietnam. He killed more than 3 million members of his own race. The words "to be killed" were disguised as "to go to study" and given as an order from higher-ranking comrades.