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Chan Nawath "Child of Anka.
Oil painting with mixed media 80 x 60 cm
Cambodia/ born 1975

In the book The History of the Khmer Rouge I found the following quotations taken from the slogans of the Khmer Rouge about education:

"ANKA had no educational certificate for students. It had only the visible sign: ‘if you need a school grade you must get it from the work done at the dam and channel. Learning, writing and mathematics are not important. The significant things are work and the Revolution Movement."

The children received minimal training in how to read and write. Most of their studies were focused on political education. They were taken away from their homes to join ideological training groups in order to serve the military, guards or others.

Children were also assigned to work in the Democratic Kampuchea regime. It was their job to collect cow dung and to cross the province and collect human excrement to make fertilizer. They would also transport weapons to battlefields where they ran the risk of being wounded or killed by bullets. Moreover, these children were torn away from their parents and had never known their family’s warmth.