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Solo - Exhibition by Songchai Buachum
(Bangkok | Thailand)

"To me, a work of art resembles a journey, both intellectually and in terms of life experience. The resulting works of art are, like records of the things that came into my life, beginning with things that I see and feel about the nature, environment, culture, and values at particular points in time and space

Concept development is an important process in the creation of my works of art. This process is in fact an endless journey undertaken in parallel to sensual and concrete cognitive processes that eventually lead to knowledge and insight. I am particularly interested in the process leading toward the knowledge and understanding of one thing and how it leads to an understanding of others. The process of learning from nature and the environment, passing through a period of study, experimentating and incubating ideas, leads to growth in knowledge and eventually developmental direction in real terms as well as in concept. This knowledge and understanding enables me to appreciate and internalize the ways of the world.

Conversely, I am convinced that to cling onto a body of knowledge without genuinely understanding its applicability cuts us off from the real world. My work aims at providing an awareness of the significance of learning from the environment and the society that surrounds us and the things that flow through our life, so as to feel the extraordinary effects of living a life in direct contact with the real world."(Songchai Buachum).

"Songchai Buachum’s work indicates his concept of "life in a city". Some of his works express his critical ideas and describe life in a modern city as anything but blissful. On the other hand, some of his works provide a positive sensation for viewers: in the midst of troubled and dull environments, small living things grow beautifully.

Songchai’s work is not about taking some realistic scenes in our society and exposing them on a canvas, but are instead about his ideal images. He is skillful enough to convey these images using various artistic methods. The methods range from sketching and drawing to the use of different materials. By employing these methods, his art takes on a very striking and charming look."

(Jakapan Vilasineekul, Silapakorn University, Mekong Art and Culture Project)