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27th to 29th of APRIL
The tropical Banyan tree is rather strange. It grows from above in a downwards direction. Beginning as a parasite, it drives air roots into the environment, from which new parts grow. In respect to culture and religion, everywhere in the Tropics, the Banyan occupies a place of importance in respect to culture and religion. For Hindus, the tree is holy; in Papua, New Guinea, people believe that devils dwell within it. In Tahitian language, its name its name can be translated as, "Complicated Talk." The Banyan is considered as a transformer between the worlds of humans and the Gods. In the North and deep South of the World, the Banyan is well-known as an evergreen plant and can be found in shopping centers, offices and private houses. At Meta House, Phnom Penh, German media artist Alfred Banze shows his BANYAN WORKS:  installations, objects and drawings, all taking their inspiration from the Banyan Tree.

"Receiver" is a sound installation, made with modified old radio receivers, collected in the markets of Phnom Penh.  "Fountain" is a closed circle system made with plastic water bottles. "CNN" is a modified TV recording loop, shown on a TV monitor. "WORLDMAP" is a series of 100 small diary drawings.



Videos by Juhani Koivumaki (Finnland)