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Solo Exhibition by Sokuntevy Ouer (CAM)
(Opening: 12th of September 2007)

During her first year in Phnom Penh Sokuntevy Oeur has been quite productive, by any measure. For this new exhibition the artist jettisons her previous neo-traditional crafted imagery for a new restless expressionist pop style. This technique better serves her goal of exploring her memories of childhood and adolescence in Battambang: Saturated colours, sensuous figurative shapes and psychedelic background vibrantly replay her personal dramas for the viewer.

Sokuntevy is a rare individual in the Cambodian Contemporary art scene for a multitude of reasons: she is a woman , she is young, she lives independently from her family and, most crucially, she is outspoken and unrestrained. By swinging from coffee-saturated exquisitely rendered tradictional imagery to sexually charged oil on canvas figures to voluptuous players in her life story painted in exploring colours she clearly betrays her fearlessness. While she is still emerging at 24, not technically trained and not coy or demure this promising artist has undeniably arrived... (Bradford Edwards, Phnom Penh 2007)