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Cinema's ultimate goal is to entertain, whereas video art's intentions are more varied, be they to simply explore the boundaries of the medium itself or to rigorously attack the viewer's expectations of video as shaped by conventional cinema. The MEDIA LOUNGE @ META HOUSE gives an overview of SE Asian and international video art. Moreover we present a selection of short/ experimental/feature films, (art) music videos and documentaries.

“I guess we all, consciously or otherwise, make work that puts forward our own views on any issue. Having filmed or photographed a multitude of dark themes in the past, I find I am now more acutely aware of the effect a powerful image has on the uniformed - for both good and bad. Right now, I feel that the West is going through a period of 'media fatigue' which has numbed many people to images of a kind they may have seen before. This is certainly being made worse by the self- obsessed tone of US media, with its focus on what they see as 'their own problems', to the exclusion of those in foreign countries who are obviously far worse off. This only makes the task for people who want to get the kind of messages you are involved with to a wide audience, that much harder and more complex...”
(Peter Christopherson / Throbbing Gristle, Coil)