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Video wall paper by Nico Mesterharm and Jana Teuchert

Instead of fully revealing the reality of a society in which everything is a tool of marketing, and everything is for sale, television news is now itself for sale, and engaged in endless efforts to shape its stories to conform to the demands of marketing. Instead of fully revealing the way reputations are ruined to get political enemies and attain power, television news itself ruins reputations and gets enemies. And instead of revealing the way virtually everything we are told is simplified, exaggerated, hyped and staged, television news simplifies, exaggerates, hypes and stages. Of course, the news media does reveal a certain amount about all this -- about others. But when it tries to tell significant truths about the system, it increasingly comes up against the same wall -- that it is, itself, now at the center of all these trends. The media today is the story. But it is a story that those who control the media will not allow to be told.