October, 2018
Events at META-HOUSE
NO admission fee for screenings anymore (unless noted otherwise).
X-PAT-SOUND system DJ party every thursday (8.30PM)
2nd Tuesday
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4PM: DOCU - David Padrusch’s ART OF WAR (2009, 91 min) introduces you to the “Nostradamus of warfare”. ...
3rd Wednesday
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German reunification took place on October 3, 1990, when East Germany (GDR) was incorporated into West Germany...
4th Thursday
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6PM: PHOTO EXHIBITION OPENING - American photographer Thomas Hommeyer is in love with India. His series RAJAST...
5th Friday
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9PM: “BLUES ROUTES” IN CONCERT - When music fans talk about underground sounds they’re usually referring...
6th Saturday
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4PM: DOCU – Set against the chaotic backdrop of recent events in the Middle East, GREEN PRINCE (2015, 101 m...
11th Thursday
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COMING OUT DAY SPECIAL – “Coming out” is a metaphor for LGBTQ people's self-disclosure of their sexual o...
12th Friday
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4PM: DOCU - In the final weeks of the Vietnam War, US servicemen begin the difficult mission of evacuating as ...
13th Saturday
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4PM: DOCU – G. Wong’s ORIENT TOP TOWN (2010 83 minutes) shows how contemporary visual artists in Shanghai ...
14th Sunday
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4PM: DOCU - MY ASIAN HEART (2006, 70 min) is a riveting portrait of renowned war photograher Philip Blenkinsop...
16th Tuesday
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4PM: DOCU – In Ladakh (Little Tibet), centuries of ecological balance and social harmony are under threat fr...
17th Wednesday
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On “International Day for the Eradication of Poverty”, we invite to watch a variety of Cambodian and inter...
18th Thursday
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4PM: DOCU - David Feingold’s LIFE AND DEATH AT PREAH VIHEAR (2014, 55 min) uses the conflict over the ancien...
19th Friday
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4PM: DOCU - CHINA BLUE (2006, 55 min) explores the plight of South China factory workers struggling to balance...
20th Saturday
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4PM: DOCU - Narrated by Lucy Liu, REDLIGHT (2009, 72 min) is a powerful feature documentary about child sexplo...
21st Sunday
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4PM: DOCU - DAVID LYNCH: THE ART LIFE (2017, 93 min) explores how the formative experiences of his youth led t...
23rd Tuesday
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The Paris Peace Accords (signed on October 23, 1991) led to the deployment of the first post-Cold War peacekee...
24th Wednesday
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4PM: DOCU - HUNTED LIKE ANIMALS (2008, 74 min) is about an ongoing, but unknown, genocide on the indigenous Hm...
25th Thursday
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6PM: GREEN NIGHT - Cambodia’s environment is increasingly under pressure from a number of sources, including...
26th Friday
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4PM: DOCU - GIRL MODEL (2013, 77 min) follows a complex global supply chain of young girls sent abroad to seek...
27th Saturday
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4PM: DOCU - THE GIRLS OF PHNOM PENH (2009, 64 min) is a beautifully shot, cinematic tale that follows three yo...
28th Sunday
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4PM: DOCU – Is it fake? Partly shot in Cambodia, Mark Hammond’s PHARMACIDE: THE MEKONG (2012, 52 min) foll...
30th Tuesday
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4PM: DOCU - Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus’ address of worldwide poverty makes for compelling viewi...
31st Wednesday
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6PM: HELLOWEEN PARTY - Get stylishly spooky this Halloween at Meta House! Halloween is a celebration observed ...